Menu of the Month!

You may have seen or heard already, but as of February 2021 we have changed our offering to a “Menu of the Month”, as well as an A La Carte menu.




For a couple of reasons:


  1. Because it will push us to add new dishes every month. This is something we always try to do, but as you can imagine, things get very busy and it ends up being delayed. By committing to a menu of the month with exclusive dishes, we have put the pressure on ourselves to keep things fresh, new and exciting!
  2. To make our lives a little easier. Previous we were offering a set menu, which gave you (the customer) a discounted price. However, for us it was just as much work as an A La Carte menu – packing 100+ completely different orders was a challenge to say the least, resulting in errors and comprising the quality of what we do.


We always strive to offer exciting and unique dishes, and with the previous structure it was too easy for us to go a bit “stagnant”. Now however, the Menu of the Month will keep us on our toes 🙂 


Another thing – at the end of each month, based on the feedback on the new dishes, we will move them over to the A La Carte menu, replacing an existing dish. So our customers really do have a say in how our menu looks each month! 


Lastly, our menu will always consist of just 5 or 6 starters and mains each. We are passionate about maintaining a high standard and wouldn’t want to compromise this by having a long, extensive menu.


Thanks for reading!

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