Menu of the Month for 2

This is our September Menu of the Month for 2 people! It is £25 for 2-courses – you can add desserts as an optional extra!

The menu includes:

1 x Green Chutney | 1 x Mango Chutney | 1 x Tamarind Sauce | 1 x Coriander, Onion & Lime Garnish | 1 x Chopped Chillies | 1 x Side Salsa

  • Starter / Side

    Bhel Puri (Cold dish)

    A crunchy street food snack made up of puffed rice, potato, black chickpea, onion and a tangy tamarind flavoured chutney. Comes as separate components to mix together yourself! Contains gluten & cashew nuts. Medium
  • Starter / Side

    Crispy Bhajia (12)

    Thin slices of potato in spiced chickpea flour, deep fried and seasoned. Mild
  • Main

    Sweetcorn and Kidney bean curry

    A classic Indian mum’s curry, bursting with unique, home-cooked flavours. Medium. Contains mustard seeds
  • Main

    Chana Dal

    A lentil based dish, using two different varieties of dals blended with spices. Mild
  • Bread

    Naan (1 large)

    Plain flatbread. Contains gluten
  • Rice

    Pilau Rice

    Basmati rice cooked with onions and spices