Sustainability & Charity

We are doing our best to reduce our environmental impact and  to care for our planet. All our food is plant based which contributes significantly to a low carbon lifestyle. We invite you to join us in being environmentally responsible. Currently, we use Bagasse food trays which are made from sugar cane fibres. These can be composted in home composters though they might take a little longer than some garden waste.  The lids for these trays are made from RPET which is recycled PET plastic. The labels are best peeled off when dry so please do this before washing the lids which should go into your domestic recycling bin or better still washed and returned to our driver when your next order is delivered. We can put them into our commercial dishwasher system and safely reuse them.
 The plastic pots and their lids for chutneys and sauces  are made from PLA. This is a plastic (Polylactic acid) made from plants. This is compostable, but only in commercial high temperature systems. They should not be placed in your household recycling as PLA is not recyclable and can contaminate bales of other plastics. Again if you peel off the labels and wash these you can return them to our driver when your next order is delivered. We can put them into our dishwasher system and safely reuse them.
The egg boxes which the Pani Puri come in can also be returned to use to be washed and reused.
The carrier bags and bags for poppadoms can of course be reused by you – we’d welcome the return of any clean carrier bags!
We are constantly seeking the best packaging and recycling solutions to ensure that your food is delivered in the best condition while caring as best we can for the environment. We will continue to review this. Your contribution to this endeavour really helps.

We also donate 10 meals to a different local charity once a month, please let us know if there’s any you know of which would benefit from this service.


From as little as 25p, you can make a contribution towards these initiative by clicking below 🙂

From £0.25 - £1.00